Our machines

Our priorities for the machines in nut production are to have minimum contact with the goods and a healthy and clean end product.

We use a digital laser sorter to remove foreign matter such as, e.g., wood, glass, plastic, and resin from walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds. This guarantees optimal cleanliness of the product.

Bioprinters in combination with digital laser sorters enable a greater degree of cleanliness.

We are able to sort fine and course products to the desired grain size using long and tumbler filter machines of various sizes.

Several brushing systems liberate the nuts and kernels from skin residue and foreign objects stuck to them in order to improve the appearance of the products.

Using various different sieves, which can be combined with one another, we are able to remove numerous foreign matter simply using the sieving processes. Finely coordinated machine settings and the subsequent suction process thus ensure absolutely dust-free goods.

Factory and laboratory